Everything is Spiritual

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They say when the time is ready, your teachers will appear to you. And I definitively feel this way, when it comes to Rob Bell. By chance I found his work through Elizabeth Gilbert's Podcast Magic Lessons she had last year based on her book Big Magic. In one episode she phoned in with Rob Bell to consult with a question one of her listeners was struggling with. I listened with fascination to his advice, being "the action is happening right here!" (Magic Lessons Se. 1, Ep. 4: Rob Bell on how 'The Action Is Right Here')
After this was over I thought, "Who is this guy?" So many things happening inside of me and I was compelled to look him up! Saw he had several books to his name of which the base is this question What does it mean to be a human being? And when you're open to spiritual growth, that is a huge trigger to get your curiosity going isn't it? I listened to quite a few of his RobCasts (so cheesy that name I had to laugh but it's soooo good :D) and then I found his "Everything is Spiritual" tour film. And oh my, I don't think anyone has ever put into language so well what I have been feeling for so long. The vibrations with in me were highly resonating and I am grateful to be shown, or to be reminded really, the path that I am on, is the path that I am on.

With full gratitude to Rob Bell for sharing his teachings and showing us how we can access our infinite wisdom within us, as everything is spiritual.




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