Stand in the center of your own calm

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We all know Carrie-Ann Moss from her stunning performance of Trinity in the Matrix trilogy. And I was pleasantly surprised to find out more about her life, her awareness in life to be more exact, in this interview by Lewis Howes. She shared her insights on how to live a Mindful Life and has tips on incorporating meditation routines in every day (usually busy) life. She is an advocate for women to come into their own strength and harness their Fierce Grace. She runs a website called Annapurna Living where she blogs about this and shares the insights with every one whom is looking for an integrated lifestyle. This means standing in the center of your own calm where you can harness your inner strength so that you can live your life with awareness and purposeful intent. She offers guided courses where you can find more info about here.

I highly recommend to watch the below interview. For me this has been an accelerator to my awakened state of being and I wholeheartedly thank Carrie-Ann for sharing her insights with the world and for initiating the Fierce Grace Collective.

See more inspiring and motivating interviews at Lewis Howes - The School of Greatness .



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