The Gift of Gratitude

Today I am sharing a personal story in correlation to cultivating gratitude and how that can open new possibilities in your every day life.

Yesterday I had a craving for Risotto and went out with my husband to Den Haag to eat at the place I really wanted to eat. Sadly the restaurant was so crowded and a due to a technical malfunction only cash payments were accepted. Who carries cash with them these days?! Anyhow, a bit of a disappointment there, but then my husband, the darling he is, google searched for Risotto and Italian meals. We ended up in this beautiful little restaurant, (which was a 30 minute walk from where we were at the time and I experienced Hangry symptoms all the way, my poor husband can attest to as I asked 'are we there yet?!' like a 4 yo toddler every 4 minutes), which had a gorgeous turquoise canopy (yes, turquoise is my fave color, not sure if you noticed ) and thought "hmm, maybe this day won't suck after all.." and oh, what a wonderful surprise we found there (Bistro MirĂ³ ) They had Risotto on the menu, but they had so much more that I wanted that I forgot all about the Risotto craving and went for totally different dishes! It was a BEAUTIFUL evening with a tasteful explosion and wonderful company and it turned an ordinary Thursday evening into something special indeed!

Keeping a gratitude log can help you to remind yourself, that even when things don't go as you want to/expect them to, if you keep your heart open to possibilities, new beautiful unexpected experiences are waiting for you. 
Gratitude is to be cultivated as a habit or attitude of mind not dependent on conditions. 
To learn more about Gratitude from the Buddhism perspective, please read this article by Barbara o'Brien on ThoughtCo as it conveys it in the simplest way possible. If you want to start about cultivating a gratitude practice for yourself, this article by Jack Kornfiled could be very helpful to you. 



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