Salt Water

When your soul chakra is aligned with the stars and the moon, you will be directed to your life's purpose. Salt water will brace you through this journey. - CCN 

Last year around this time I dove into a journey that opened me up in so many levels, which showed me again, how amazing this life is. Teachers appeared I didn't even know I was looking for and I just went with it, made a commitment to myself to grow and learn from what life may bring at me. Choosing to see things as a gift rather than an obstacle to overcome, I embraced life in its fullest.

This shift in consciousness ended the resentment I felt towards my father for years and allowed me to have a relationship based on loving kindness with him. I'm so grateful that through this shift I spent the last months of his life with him in love and acceptance. Which made our relationship after his passing in April this year, not into a future regret, but rather one that has been healed and lead to having closure. His passing opened a whole new part of my heart which connected and grounded me even more to the present and appreciate this incredible gift of life.

So to now sum up what happened in the past 8th months would be just showing you a linear approach to living, which I don't intend to do with this blog. While I have been sharing bits of life on my instagram, sharing the stories here came a bit to a halt. The quietness - or stillness - this blog has undergone, just made way for actual life changing events. To grow as a person, you need to let life take its course and during that process it's not always the best moment to share, as you're still "going through the thing you're going through..."
With time, the perspective changes and what you have been going through, is now a part of you.
When you have embraced what has transpired, when you release and embrace the salt water, that is how you embody growth. And after that point, sharing becomes a little easier.

There are so many stories still saved in draft when I was going through this all, but when the moment I feel I can share them, I will publish them. Working on the 8th chakra takes devotion.

Today though I would like to leave you with this: that gut feeling you have been ignoring, take the time to listen to it. Listen to it with your whole body, then tune in with your heart and ask yourself this "What do I really want? And why have I been ignoring it?" And take as much time you need to answer this, but answer it truthfully and let it penetrate, crack and break that armor around your heart.  Embrace what comes next, so that in time, you as well may save yourself from a future regret.



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